"My name is Shakira and I am going to tell you about the preparation of my 11+ journey at Exam Success.
It all began in year 4 when my mum introduced me to the tutors at Exam Success. Right from the beginning, I was amazed by the confidence the tutors showed regarding this life-changing experience. I was told “Are you ready Miss for this challenge?” and I answered with a vague yes and I was told “don’t worry we will work hard together and you’ll be fine. God rewards hard word”. Since that day, I rarely missed a lesson and my homework… and if I did, believe me, it will not be missed by the tutors. This shows you how dedicated and on the ball these tutors are. I was constantly encouraged and supported by passionate parents and tutors and they challenged me to new limits.
My training was extremely tense with Non-Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English homework. If you missed a lesson, you would get double session which means you come earlier but finish the normal time to catch up. It was stressful with the test papers and summer school but we were sure it would pay off. Summer school is during the summer holidays when the students go to Exam Success Mon-Fri for three weeks so it is like school but harder. I was really annoyed to hear that I was spending half of my holiday working, thinking that I was ready. But when the first week passed, I knew that there was more to learn. I was booked for a mock test (a test that enables you to experience the real exam feeling). I was utterly petrified at this. Unfortunately, I was really disappointed with my score so were my parents. I took too long with questions; I was trembling from head to toe. But my mum found the bright side to this. She said that this shows where you are right now so that we can work harder.

The days of the exams were close at hand. Tension was building up in me. I was going to do the Kent, Bexley   and Newstead Wood exams. For the Kent and Newstead exams, you would be put into small groups and went to different rooms to start the exam whereas the Bexley we were all in one big room with a lot of kids. I was trembling, much more than in the mock test. The Bexley test had an automatic voice whilst the others were done manually. After the exams I ran back to my mother who had never given up on me for these exams. I had different thoughts running about in my head. One was relief that it was over, and the other was, whether I had passed or not. But we would soon find out. Fortunately, I passed Kent, Bexley and Newstead and yet I still cannot believe it.

It was a rollercoaster, hardworking experience but I know I did it for a reason and it counts. Now I want to wish all the parents and children who are preparing themselves good luck and all the tutors and my parents who helped me and stood by me for the exams a very big thank you. Mostly though a massive thank you to you, my lord."


"I have been attending Exam Success for over two years and during this time they have helped me greatly in both my 11 plus and school, I felt I was being held back in my learning. All the staff members made me feel very comfortable and I was able to learn in a resourceful and welcoming environment.
Last year I sat three 11+ tests (Kent, Medway and Bexley), passed them all and I am now attending my first year at a grammar school in Kent. This would not have been possible without the help of the team at Exam Success.

Thank you for all the help you have given me over the years. It helped me a lot with expanding my knowledge and giving me challenges that I otherwise wouldn’t have gotten from school and helped me pass all three 11+ tests. I will forever be grateful."


" I received great educational support from the centre in Year 10 in 2014. From the tutoring, I achieved 9 A*-As at GCSE. A* in Maths and English and A's in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. If not for their guidance, I would not have reached my full potential, as they pushed me to aim higher than my previous expectations."


My personal experience attending tuition at the centre was valuable as it helped me not just through the eleven plus, but also at school. Their resources for maths, non-verbal reasoning, verbal reasoning and english were one of the crucial things I needed to pass the eleven plus. The summer school also helped me to relax, work and meet new people. Someone that I met there currently goes to the same grammar school as me so we are really good friends.

The tuition that I am doing at centre now has benefited me as I am one step ahead of my class in maths, science and english. I would recommend you to visit here as I already have recommended one of my friends and they said that they liked what they did there and are now waiting for a place to attend. 

The centre also recommends special workbooks to the parents/carers whose children attend there.

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