“Since I started attending Exam Success, I have won awards such as the 2015 Highest Attainer in Maths at Turnham Primary. I also passed my 11+ exam with excellent scores and I am now in a grammar school of my choice. Thanks to my tutors at ESEC for the great job as I have seen great improvement in my abilities!”


"My name is Kareem Akarakiri and i am a student at Exam Success Learning Centre. i have a 10 year old sister who also goes there and is currently doing her 11+. This will be my 8th year at the centre. It is very fun there and the learning quality there is excellent and inspiring. I passed my 11+ and got 414 out of 423 in the Kent Test to go to the Judd School, a Grammar school in Tonbridge. Without Exam Success I wouldn't have got this far."


“I joined the centre shortly after starting Year 8 at my secondary school. Throughout the years, I managed to get side by side teaching in topic areas I was finding difficult in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. With the help of the centre staff I managed to achieve 11 A*'s to B's at GCSE level with A's in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. As a result of the teaching I received at the centre I managed to completed my A-Levels gaining ABB in Business Studies, Economics and Geography respectively and I now have the opportunity to study accounting and finance at my first choice university. Without the guidance and support of the staff, I would not be in the position that I am in today, with staff trying their utmost to make sure I exceed the targets I set myself."


“Thank God for Exam Success, they made me go to a grammar school!”


“Attending Exam Success changed my education in unimaginable ways. I had weekly sessions for roughly three years. I did not notice my improvements until I received my GCSE results. I was originally predicted 7 C grades by my teachers, but with the hard work and support from the tutors at Exam Success, I passed with flying colours. I achieved 7 A grades and I am now studying Law at a top university. I’d definitely recommend Exam success, a place where you receive educational support in a warm and friendly environment."

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